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In Vitro Fertilization
Preimplementation Genetic Diagnosis
Gender Selection
Sperm Donation
Egg Donation
Embryo Donation
Laser Assissted Hatching
Micro Enjection
Egg - Sperm - Embryo Freezing

IVF (Test-tube baby) treatment is to fertilize male and female reproductive cells in a laboratory environment to have a baby. In order to have an IVF treatment healthy reproductive cells (eggs and sperm) from both the female and male partner are required. Eggs of the female are grown and developed to...
Gender Selection
As the technology advances, Gender Selection is to determine the gender of the baby by studying on the cell taken by biopsy method (PGD), from the embryos (fertilized eggs) obtained by in-vitro fertilization treatment. 
Egg Donation
It is a method suitable fro women who cannot produce eggs for some reason. It is based on placing the embryo which is produced by fertilizing the  eggs, taken from another individual, fit for the family , with the sperm from the father on the patient's uterus.
Insemination treatment (Artificial insemination) is the introduction of semen into the vagina by passing motile sperm through the vaginal entry after ovulation is ensured by use of medication. Thus, in this method selected oocyte (eggs) and quality sperm are chosen and they are left for fertilization.
Sperm Donation
Sperm donation is an IVF method applied to men who, for some reasons, cannot produce sperm; do not have sufficient sperm count or whose sperms are not healthy enough to produce a good quality embryo. It involves producing an embryo, by using the sperm of a healthy donor and
Embryo Donation
It is a method proposed for couples of which the woman could not get pregnant with her own eggs and the male has been diagnosed by a designated reason that they can only have a child with sperm donation.
Egg - Sperm - Emryo Freezing
Today, fresh cycle eggs are fozen in the same way in outstanding centers.

In our center, pregnancy rates via our egg freezing-thawing program are almost the same as in using fresh eggs.

Micro Enjection
    Depending on the number and morphological features of sperm, when fertilizing eggs with sperm, two methods are used: typical test tube baby (IVF) or microinjection (ICSI).  In a typical IVF procedure, eggs collected and sperm the amount of which is calculated according to the number of...
Tese - Tesa - Micro Tese
Embryo Glue
IVF Dictionary
IVF Treatment Durations

Gynecological Problems
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
Sexual Anorexia
Ovarian Cysts
The Hymen

Pregnancy and Birth
Pregnancy Follow Up
Nutrition in Pregnancy
Premature Birth
Premature Rupture of Membranes
Regular Birth and Caesarean Section
Epidural Anesthesia
Breast Milk and Breast Feeding
Storing Cord Blood

Multiple Pregnancies
Symptoms Of Pregnancy

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In Vitro Fertilisation
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In Cyprus you can find a lot of information regarding gender/sex selection, egg(ovum) transplant, sperm transplant, in vitro fertilization, tandem ovoid treatment, surrogate mothership, PGT, genetic diagnosis, ICSI, microinjection, IMSI and tesa-tese-micro tese.
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